Mobile Fire
Equipment Testing

FireFlow Services offers Fire Departments a cost effective means of complying with their annual fire pump testing requirements as defined by ISO and NFPA.

Why choose
FireFlow Services?

  • FireFlow Services will come to your location and test all of your fire apparatus right at your fire house. No longer do you need to have your fire apparatus transported to a pump testing site.
  • FireFlow Services fire pump testing unit, allows us to perform a true pump test from draft; creating a suction lift requiring the use of a primer per NFPA-1911-2012 edition, Chapter 18.
  • Our technicians are EVT Certified and attend manufacturers' seminars for training.
  • We ensure that your engine and fire pump are functioning at the required horsepower and pumping the expected Gallons per Minute (GPM). This test is done by working from a suction lift throughout the pump test.
  • We offer unmatched simplicity, accuracy and safety by flowing clean clear water, per NFPA-1911, up to 3000 GPM. This means no more plugged screens and no more dirty water in your pump from drafting out of rivers, creeks, ponds, and lakes.

Why do I need to be
pump tested?

Annual pump test compliance helps your community maintain the lowest insurance rates possible and ensures that your apparatus is performing as intended for the safety of your firefighters and protection of your community.

Advantages of using
FireFlow Services.

FireFlow Services offers a comprehensive on-site inspection program to determine compliance with NFPA 1911 Standard for Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Retirement of In-Service Automotive Fire Apparatus, 2012 Edition Chapter 18 - Performance Testing of Fire Pumps and Industrial Supply Pumps.